Last updated: August 1, 2005

Tokyo Sound Production Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and protection of Personal Information we receive from users of this website (“the Site”).

Personal Information is information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual such as a name or a number, address, e-mail address or other factors.
We use your Personal Information only for providing and improving our service. By using the Site, you agree to the collection and use of your Personal Information in accordance with this policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Private Policy, please do not provide any Personal Information on the Site.

1. Legal Compliance

The officers and employees of Tokyo Sound Production Inc. are committed to complying with laws and regulations and engage in proper conduct in terms of common sense and ethics related to collecting and using of Personal Information.

2. Collecting Personal Information

We may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that to contact or identify you.

3. Use of Personal Information

We use Personal Information obtained only within the course of responding to customer inquiries.

4. Disclosing Personal Information to External Parties: Third Parties

We will not provide customers’ Personal Information to any third party other than when required to cooperate with requests or orders from judicial or other government bodies, or when acting in accordance with any applicable laws or regulations.

5. Protection and Management of Personal Information

Information will be handled securely.
We will take protective measures to prevent any leakage, outflow or unauthorized use of Personal Information we have obtained.

6. Request for Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use and Deletion of Personal Information

We undertake to respond promptly and frankly to any request by an individual for disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion of Personal Information relating to the purpose for which their Personal Information is being used.

7. Handling Complaints

We will accurately and promptly respond to complaints from individuals concerning Personal Information matters.